This is a multishot image

I use this term for an image that is composed of elements taken from 2 or more photographs.

To make a multishot image, I take hundreds of photo’s from excactly the same camera-position during a period of half an hour to an hour. I do not change camera settings and focussetting either. The only thing that changes is what can be seen moving in the street: people, animals, the traffic. From all these photo’s I choose elements that I combine into a new, characteristic image. Thus I work like a painter that makes sketches in the street to process these to a painting, back in the studio.

Since this is photography, every element is a representation of reality at a certain moment, in a certain place. The new image is a hyper-realistic representation of that reality over a certain period.

I call this a multishot, not a collage or a montage. I hereby indicate that to make this picture I do not import any image elements from outside the frame of the picture.